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Easy, scalable & best leveraging collaboration software for your online shop

Real 3D Configurator - on measure

"Our suppliers never believed that these products would be sold online, virtually without field service. Thanks to the ideas and technologies of XIONI AG, we have prepared the market for B2B e-commerce." - Peter Heinen

PVC - on measure

"Individual dimensions and characteristics of the PVC are the purchase criterion number one. Thanks to the XIONI technology and the CIM Suite, we can also adjust price adjustments quickly and easily in the frontend." - Peter Heinen

Furniture 3D Configurator - on measure

"Without XIONI we would not have been able to sell furniture on measure online - there was simply nothing on the market before that." - Oliver Hohmeier, Management Multi-Channel / E-Commerce


"The trends furnishing store of Ostermann relies above all on trendy, fashion-conscious buyers. The set-up for us was a planning system for commodes. It should be visible directly in 3D and connected to the usual usability of the shop. We have implemented the requirement with XIONI Technology X-Config CIM Product Configurator Planning System." - Oliver Hohmeier, Management Multi-Channel / E-Commerce

Individual cake topper

Design your individual topping by using X-Config CIM Product Designer directly for your individual event, e.g. Marriages, Birthdays or Jubilees, using your photos and individual design.

Jewelry Configurator

So far, we have produced on request and produced only a few products in advance, since all are unique. With the incredible XIONI configurator technology, we have managed to make all of our creations online configurable and directly purchasable. Right after the start we were overrun with new resellers and customers in Europe.

We are official Shopware

Shopware Technology Partners have extensive and deep expertise in the field of Shopware. They offer individualized solutions based on Shopware, with which their requirements and ideas can be optimally deployed. Many award-winning projects have been successfully realized with Shopware.

We are official Meet Magento
Solution Partner

Product configuration, visualization and customization for e-commerce cases. With XIONI solutions customer centricity in e-commerce will not longer be a challenge to you. Unique 3D and 2D visualization combined with n-dimensions and relationships between products the XIONI solution X-Config CIM is a must have to your e-commerce system. Augmented reality is also a part of X-CONFIG by now. X-Config is SaaS, and 100% Cloud.

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